Pixel Path is an endless runner, inspired by the likes of Temple Run and Crossy Roads. However, Pixel Path has a unique twist; instead of moving the player, you instead control the paths! Move the paths to choose a safe route for your character, and earn the top spot on the leaderboards! With over 50 characters, and over half a dozen themes to unlock, there's plenty to discover. You'd best get path solving!

Gameplay GIF

Gameplay GIF


Currently, Pixel Path is only available on Android. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store by going here. We do hope you enjoy playing! If you find yourself doing so, or even if you don't, please be sure to leave us a review so we can continue to improve the game. We really do appreciate your opinions, and we read all the reviews!

Pixel Path app icon

Pixel Path app icon

After well over 700 downloads, we're happy to say that we're averaging a rating of 4.8! For our first game, we are incredibly proud of these results. We hope to continue to see that downloads count rise!

Currently, there are no plans to release Pixel Path on iOS. If you'd like this to change, let us know; perhaps if we have enough requests we might be convinced to make it happen!


In order for the game to be challenging, we came up with a handful of different path types that need to be moved into place. Each requires you to swipe in a direction in order to successfully (and safely) resolve it. The active path you need to swipe will appear washed out; when swiping on paths with multiple options, keep a lookout! One of the paths may have a trap lying in wait; or perhaps an alternate route has more coins to be collected!

The simplest path types are where a platform is floating above or below the main path. Simply swipe up to raise it, or down to lower it. Swipe the wrong way though, and you’ll lose the path, leading your character to an inevitable death!

Example of path variations

Example of path variations

The most difficult of the path types is the rotary, where there are three paths to choose from! Your reactions and decision making will need to be fast, especially if the paths have started moving pretty quickly. There will be one platform already in place, one to the left and the other to the right. If you're happy with the platform in place, simply tap the screen. Be sure to tap though! If you reach the path without making a decision, your character will perish! Alternatively, you may swipe down, or up, to choose the left or right platform respectively.

Example of Rotary paths

Example of Rotary paths


Want to unlock a theme or another character? Get yourself a chest! You can get one each day without spending coins, or earn yourself 1000 coins to purchase one. We do not allow for them to be purchased using real money, and no need to purchase keys, or anything of the sort, in order to open them! To us, it seems a far fairer and no-nonsense way of having these loot-crate systems. We wish you the best of luck, and hope you get something awesome!


To help in your aid of potentially endless travels, we bring you powerups! These come in a range of flavours, each of which is summarised below:

  • Time Warp - allows you to escape a sticky situation by slowing down time for a short period.
  • Auto Solver - for a short period of time, upcoming paths will be automatically resolved, giving you a little bit of a breather!
  • Rocket Boots - propels you ahead by a fair distance, skipping all of the paths below.
  • Revive - a passive ability that will bring your character back to life at least once!

In order to use the active powerups, you'll need to collect coins along your travels. Some abilities require more coins to activate than others. You'll see a progress bar on the left side as your powerup fills - when it's ready, you'll know. Simply tap the button to active!

Example of Rocket Boots powerup

Example of Rocket Boots powerup

All powerups can be upgraded using collected coins. Upgrading decreases the number of coins required to activate, and for the time-based or distance-based abilities, those variables will be increased - giving far more bang for your buck!


There are a few ways in which you can earn coins in the game. The easiest way is to just play the game! As your character traverses the universe, they will collect coins. Another way is the Pinata!

** Image of the pinata screen **

The Pinata is a mini game where you get to tap your selected character as fast as you can over a short time. The faster you tap, the more coins you will earn! You can unlock the pinata in the post-game screen; keep a look out for the flashing buttons!

The final way to earn some coins are through daily challenges. Play each day, and make your focus the daily challenge. Each challenge is broken down into stages; the further through the stages you get, the more coins you get!


That just about sums up what the game is about, but we assure you there is more to discover that we haven’t touched on in this blog post, but we don’t want to spoil all the fun! If you’ve read this far, you may as well give the game a download, and while you’re there, give us a review and tell us what you think. Happy path-solving!


Earlier this year, we released a fairly substantial update to the game which covered many aspects, including a lot of bug fixes. Below we will highlight some of the more important changes that took place, in case you're curious!

Bug fixes were the main focus of the latest update

Bug fixes were the main focus of the latest update

General Improvements and Changes

  • Scrolling top 3 players for various leaderboards on the main menu
  • Your current statistics also scroll on the main menu
  • In-game Pixel Path logo now moves with the path
  • Much improved loading screen featuring many unlockable characters and themes
  • Adjusted the balancing of powerups
  • Optimisations for both UI and scene rendering

Bug Fixes

  • Could solve platforms off-screen causing a lot of confusion when accidentally tapping or swiping
  • Switching between screens is no longer slow and sluggish
  • Sometimes the tutorial would not "complete" even when the user had finished it
  • The sub menu on the main menu would, on occasion, not expand
Kyle Hobdey
Kyle Hobdey

Another one of us with a Masters in Games Development; Kyle has experience with C++, machine learning and growing a beard. He focuses on core functionality, as well as the architecture of our projects. When he's not programming, he's likely into board games, Formula 1 or tennis!